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Living In Antelope

Why Live Outside Sacramento?

Living outside of Sacramento instead of in the city itself is a personal choice that depends on individual preferences and circumstances.

family with kids walking through a charming park area with a picnic basket and plaid blanket

Family Attractions & Local Schools in Antelope

From great schools to local parks, nature areas, and attractions, here's what makes Antelope a great choice for families.

exterior of a single family, mid-century style home  at the arbors in antelope

Living in Antelope, CA

Living in Antelope gives you the best of both worlds: a small-town feel with easy access to all the perks of a bigger city.

Overview shot of houses in a grid in a suburban neighborhood in California, such as the neighborhoods and suburbs in Sacramento. It's a sunny day and there are palm trees, and the houses are colorful.

Guide to the Sacramento Neighborhoods and Suburbs

From Elk Grove to Antelope, Sacramento is bursting with rich culture, history, and things to do. Here's the no-holds-barred guide.

A shot of cars moving across a big yellow vertical lift bridge— the Tower Bridge located in West Sacramento. It illustrates that driving is one of the biggest ways people use transportation around Sacramento and Antelope, CA

Commuting from Antelope to Sacramento, CA

From a driving directions to alternative biking routes, explore your options for a convenient commute into Sacramento.

Gazing over the Towers Bridge in Sacramento, there is an aerial view of the West Sacramento neighborhood including skyscrapers and sunny, blue skies.

Tips on Moving to Sacramento and Antelope, CA

Learn what it's like to live in one of the most affordable cities in California.

A woman with three kids sitting on the grass

Raising A Family In Sacramento

This is the place to be for starting and raising your family the right way.

A couple happily strolling along a city street

What Makes Sacramento Amazing

What is it that makes residents fall in love with Sacramento? Check out these amazing aspects of a unique city.

A man in a suit with a suitcase next to a black sedan

Business Traveling in Antelope

Find out why business traveling is easier than ever when living in Antelope, CA by clicking here.