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Why Live Outside Sacramento?

Living outside of Sacramento instead of in the city itself is a personal choice that depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Cost of Living:Sacramento's cost of living, particularly housing costs, can be relatively high. Living in the suburbs or surrounding areas may offer more affordable housing options.

  • Space and Privacy: Suburban and rural areas outside of Sacramento typically offer larger properties with more space and privacy compared to living in a densely populated urban area.

  • Quieter Lifestyle: People who value a quieter, more relaxed lifestyle may prefer living outside of the city where there is less noise and congestion.

  • Schools: Families with children may opt for suburban or rural areas outside Sacramento for access to better schools and a more family-friendly environment.

  • Nature and Recreation: Living outside the city often provides easier access to outdoor activities, parks, and natural areas as well as quaint, tree-lined residential neighborhoods. This can be appealing to those who enjoy hiking, biking, or other recreational pursuits. A few favorite local spots in or near Antelope include the Antelope Community Park, Gibson Ranch Regional Park, Dry Creek Community Park, and more.

  • Housing Options: The Sacramento suburbs and surrounding areas may offer a wider variety of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments, catering to different preferences and budgets.

  • Lower Crime Rates: Some suburban areas may have lower crime rates compared to the city, which can be a significant factor in choosing where to live, especially for families.

  • Community and Lifestyle: Different areas outside Sacramento may have distinct communities and lifestyles that align more closely with an individual's or family's values and interests.

Why We Love Antelope
Nestled in the verdant landscapes just 15 miles northeast of Sacramento's vibrant downtown, Antelope has risen from being a quaint suburb to becoming a thriving community and one of the best places to live near Sacramento.

  • Natural Beauty that Captivates
    The locale is rich with green spaces such as the Antelope Community Park—a sprawling 13-acre area offering recreational facilities for all ages—and Northbrook Park, a serene spot with a meandering creek perfect for picnics or weekend strolls.

  • Great Schools & Family-Friendly Attractions
    If you're looking for good areas near Sacramento to live with children, Antelope certainly fits the bill. The community is home to several high-ranking schools like Antelope High School, Dudley Elementary, and Olive Grove Elementary , offering stellar educational foundations for children. Moreover, attractions like the interactive Splash Pad at Antelope Community Park and the thrill-packed Scandia Family Fun Center, located just a short drive away, guarantee an enjoyable time for children and adults alike. Oor gated, family-friendly community here at the Arbors also offers a resort pool, clubhouse, playgrounds and basketball courts.

  • Convenient Commutes
    Interstate 80 and California State Route 65, both easily accessible from Antelope, provide swift routes to downtown Sacramento. With such connectivity, residents can enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life during the day and return to the tranquility of suburban living by night.

  • Affordability Meets Quality
    Antelope offering an affordable cost of living near Sacramento while not skimping on amenities. From the bustling Antelope Marketplace Shopping Center to the Antelope Tennis Center, every convenience is just around the corner.