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Raising A Family In Sacramento

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It might not be something that sticks out immediately, but the Sacramento area is is a great place to start and raise a family, at least according to a ranking done by WalletHub from September, 2018, which included the area at the top of its list of places to live:

“The report's top five places for the most affordable housing are all in the Sacramento area: Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Elk Grove, Rocklin and Roseville. "The metric was calculated by dividing the median annual family income by housing costs," the report says.”

Said report cited a variety of factors, including things to do, educational opportunity, employment availability, affordability of housing, and several others, and took a close look at 254 places across California to ensure an adequate comparison. What do you need to know about the Sacramento area, and how it’s come to be such a desirable destination for families? That’s exactly what we plan on going over today. Read on, as we explain the myriad reasons and factors that make Sacramento such a prime locale for new and blossoming families to get their start.

Why Moving to the Sacramento Area Makes Sense

If you’re wondering just what it is the experts see in a place like Sacramento, allow us to enlighten you. As sources like US News & World Report point out, Sacramento has a lot more going for it than simply a proximity to other Northern California hotspots like the Bay Area. The Capital of California has plenty of appeal all on its own:

“Drawn to the reasonable cost of living, abundant sunshine and ethnic diversity, young professionals and middle-class families are leading a population boom not seen since the Gold Rush. Economic development and a resurgent real estate market are providing exciting opportunities for locals and newcomers alike.”

So, for starters, let’s look at some of the stats on Sacramento, shall we? The Sacramento Metropolitan Area has about 2 million residents, give or take. Did you know that gives it something of an ideal population for you family types? It’s large enough that there are plenty of services, things to do, and folks to interact with, but at the same time, not so large that you feel drowned out and overwhelmed like you might in a metropolis like New York or Chicago. What you’ll find living in Sacramento is that this is a diverse bunch too. Sacramento doesn’t just cater to one family lifestyle, it’s accommodating for all kinds of families:

“Often recognized as one of America's most integrated metro areas, Sacramento has a growing LGBT enclave in the Lavender Heights neighborhood, an arts community and a predominately multi-ethnic population in North and South Sacramento. A much younger and more liberal demographic is concentrated in center-city neighborhoods like Midtown and Southside Park.”

But it goes beyond simply having a preponderance of friendly faces around town. Sacramento is also a glorious hotspot because getting a job is an attainable goal, as is meeting your monthly needs.

Get this: the unemployment rate around Sacramento is low, about 3.7 percent. Top that off with a median income of about $56,000 and a median monthly rent of about $1,100, and you’re looking at a place that’s superbly affordable for most residents to get started on family life. Even if the incomes here are a bit below California averages, the highly reasonable costs of living offset that, making it an excellent choice:

“Sacramento residents benefit from a desirable income to cost-of-living ratio. The average annual income is higher than the national average (albeit relatively low by California standards). Although the median home sale price in Sacramento is significantly higher than the national median, they're noticeably lower than those in other major California metro areas – which is one of the factors helping to drive Sacramento's population growth.”

Not only is the cost of living in and around Sacramento desirable, but the pace of living and setting of this lovely town are as well. The weather, if you weren’t aware, is lovely. Enjoying a Mediterranean climate, Sacramento boasts temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees at most points throughout the year, and even in the winter months, the thermometer rarely dips below 50 degrees. Getting around Sacramento is easy, since cars are the dominant form of transport (like much of California) and the area is well-suited to travel on wheels. What’s more is that there’s an abundance of fun things to do and see around Sacramento, especially if you interests skew toward getting some outdoor activity and staying healthy:

“Sacramentans have a hungry appetite for the outdoors, which is partially satisfied by more than 200 public parks. Meanwhile, recreational opportunities abound along the 32-mile American River Parkway, which runs from downtown to the historic Folsom suburb. With so many ways to be active, it's no wonder Sacramento's residents are among the fittest in the country.”

That’s a definite benefit for anyone looking to maintain a healthy and active family life, and all the more reason you’ll want to start putting down roots here. And don’t worry if indoor activities are more of your pleasure. Sacramento has plenty of those that are family friendly as well. From fine museums to lovely restaurants and beyond, there’s more than enough around town for you and yours to explore — all part and parcel of what makes this a superior Northern California family town.

All this, and we’re just scratching the surface of what makes Sacramento so great. Be sure to read up on the history of this legendary city, check out some landmarks, and look up some fun things to do around town to help get an even fuller sense of why this is such a great destination for raising your family the right way.

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