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What Makes Sacramento Amazing

A couple happily strolling along a city street

San Francisco might be the Bay Area city and L.A. will always win California’s popularity contest, but Sacramento is an oasis all of its own. This vibrant community contains elements unique to the city, creating the appeal that draws so many in year after year. If you step out of your home at the Arbors and take a short walk through the streets, you’ll discover what makes Sacramento such an amazing place to live.

Artistic Expression

Sacramento is as artsy as they come, and the proof is all around you. Take a look at Frederico Diaz’s sculpture Subtlle on River Walk. It’s an oddity to behold, but one can’t help but become mesmerized by it’s shimmering looks. As the Delta breeze rolls through, its thousands of steel discs mimic the waveforms of the wind to change its appearance daily. With locals gathering daily around this unique sculpture, it just goes to show how public art can enhance everyday life.

Then there are personal works like Prince at 432 Hz, which local artist Christine Stein created out of a once-ugly bush in her yard after finding inspiration while listening to pop icon. The work now features a gorgeous afro of red-tipped Photinia surrounding a 7-foot acrylic-on-plywood portrait. Local talent in this city never fails to impress.

Of course, some art finds itself off in left field somewhere. Laura Harling, who used to clean Jerry Brown’s home during his first term as governor, found the politician’s bachelor/hippie-influenced lifestyle hilarious. So, she created a sculpture of him in a Hindu-inspired loincloth while situated in the lotus position. It was so funny that she quickly made a career out of demand for more sculptures.

Now, Harling has an extensive series of sculptures under her belt from Schwarzenegger with a taxidermy head of Gray Davis to George W. Bush as Pickens in Dr. Strangelove. Art comes in a wide variety of forms, but the freedom of expression offers in Sacramento creates an environment where any artist can thrive.

Families Matter

Community and family values run deep within this area, and you can find a never-ending commitment to upholding them. Sabrina Nishijima, and East Sacremento mother of two, created a book for residents titled 1,001 Things to Do in Sacramento with Kids (and the Young at heart). Her commitment to her children’s lives is something the city reciprocated, purchasing over 2,000 copies in just a matter of months.

Then there are parents who work behind the scenes, but end up in the spotlight because residents can’t help but shower positive families with love. Jennifer Kesler of Roseville knows the feeling. As a graphic designer, she wasn’t thrilled with the color options available to paint her baby daughter’s nursery. So, she created an organic cotton blanket with here very own design.It gained so much traction from parents that her craft soon turned into a full-time business. Now, you can buy blankets from Kesler shaped like donuts, sushi, and even narwhals.

Amazing Eats

It wasn’t so long ago that Sacramento embraced the omakase (chef’s choice) craze when Kru popularized the concept in the east side of the city. What’s better than a chef’s opinion when you’re eating a multi-course meal, right?

Until recently, this trend stuck with eastern roots. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Patricio Wise began serving a 10-course taco omakase menu during the weekends at Nixtaco. Needless to say, it turned into a hit success almost overnight.

When one neighborhood starts a new food trend, it doesn’t take long for the rest of the city to catch up. Take Celestin’s Gumbo, for instance. This gumbo-serving locale quickly created a desire for the dish in Midtown. When it closed its doors in 2011 (it has since reopened in East Sacramento), you could find restaurants all over peddling the bayou stew.

Food choices are so diverse that you can enjoy dishes and the atmosphere of previous decades. Back to the ‘80s Café & More is dedicated providing the quintessential 80s experience with classic movie posters, arcades, and food items like Tetris-shaped tater tots. From décor to delights, there’s no better way to relive an iconic time period, even if it is just for a short while.


Citizens in Sacramento are truly one of a kind. This giant mixing pot of nationalities, talents, and interests produces a unique breed of resident. Sometimes, those residents possess a skill that no one else shares with them. Ole Kehlet is one such person, being the last typewriter repairman in the city. After having sold typewriter parts in the past, he now owns a 200-square-foot storefront dedicated to the craft (and it’s a thriving business).

Others express their individuality through super hero-themed coffee shops, unique cheesecake creations, or craft brewing. With so many individuals in one area, the combination of creative outlets never fails to surprise or impress.


To top it all off, Sacramento puts its green foot forward every chance it gets. Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op in Midtown is one shining example. This co-op places an emphasis on farm fresh produce, sustainability, and eliminating waste. Their Make Every Day Earth Day program, which incentivizes the use of reusable carriers by allowing customers to choose where the organization’s donations go, has given other non-profits over $150,000 since it began. ReSoil Sacramento and Save the American River Association are two of their recent recipients.

Sacramento also works to maintain nearby natural landscapes, like the Cosumnes River Preserve, and plants new greenery every year to maintain a healthy ecosystem. There are even fitness centers that turn your hard work into clean energy (most notably through cycling machine locations like SoulCycle). Everyone is constantly working to preserve and live in harmony with nature throughout the area.

The Arbors

Situated in a stunning gated community featuring 150 acres of beautifully manicured lawns, The Arbors are a community of single-family homes that will keep you smiling day in and day out. Far from typical apartment living, these newly-renovated homes provide a unique rental opportunity through design, modern finishes, and a vast collection of carefully curated amenities.

Welcome to The Arbors. A new life awaits!