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Vegan Dishes For Meat Lovers

A mix of fresh vegetables in a wok

Let’s try to envision a scenario, shall we? You’re relaxing at your single family home for rent, discussing with your friends or partner what you should make for dinner tonight, and you’ve hit an impasse — you’re vegan, but they’re not, and aren’t convinced that you’re capable of whipping up a meal that will satisfy their tastes. The answer to this hypothetical quandary? Prove them wrong by heading to the kitchen and preparing a vegan meal that will knock their socks off, of course. Don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas; today, we’re going to be exploring a few options that will make even the most staunch meat lover head for a second helping. Make one of these meals, and you can finally end the great dinner debate — once and for all!

Your Vegan Dinner Gameplan

If you’re stuck trying to figure out which vegan dishes will appeal to your meat loving friends or partner, allow us to offer a bit of advice: trying to fake them out with any “faux” meat dishes is going to be a bit insulting, as they’ll constantly compare the taste to the real deal (and even if they can’t taste the difference, they’ll likely swear they can). If you prepare something vegetable-focused and amazing and bill it as such, though, you’ll have them ranting and raving about how delicious a meal you prepared in no time. Here are a few dishes to try…

Tasty Taco Soup

Who doesn’t like a bit of soup, right? This delicious taco and lentil soup, by way of Ambitious Kitchen, fuses together all kinds of spicy goodness into one bowl, and in addition to the amazing flavor, it packs in a hearty load of nutrition (if you’re interested in that sort of thing). If you’ve got a slow cooker, you can manage making this one just fine — after giving your ingredients a bit of time in the pan, you’ll just need to throw it all in the slow cooker, wait, and serve your soup with a bit of veggie cheese and your tortilla shells.

Scrumptious Vegetable Paella

Quick admission, we love reading Cookie + Kate, as they’ve got the lowdown on so many wholesome and delicious recipes. When it came to putting together our list of vegan options for all, we just knew this vegetable paella had to make the cut. Now, we know what you’re thinking — paella usually has meat in it! That’s true, but this all-vegetable version has more than enough flavor to satisfy just about any palate. The inclusion of chickpeas is definitely an inspired choice, and the colorful array of vegetables makes this dish just as fun to gawk at as it is to eat. It also uses brown rice instead of white rice, making the meal suitable for any hypoglycemics as well. A word to the wise — this recipe will take a bit of time to bake, but your patience will pay off, as it’s one of the tastiest veggie-only dishes you’ll have tried to date.

Chickpea Pancakes With a Twist

Breakfast for dinner is always fun, now it’s time to mix it up with some vegan-style pancakes that will fill you up proper. This chickpea pancake recipe from Healthyish is so simple, using a bunch of ingredients you might already have laying around. The payoff is huge, though, and the addition of kale, fennel, and that light spread of dressing helps amp the flavor up to a whole new level. Best of all, there’s no fancy cooking magic that goes into preparing this dish. If you know how to make pancakes (which most of us do) then this recipe will be well within your level of skill. Serve it with pride, and watch as your “diners” compliment your “culinary mastery.”

Try a Not-Boring Salad

Most all can agree that salads make for a healthy and sensible dinner choice. Many will also tell you, unfortunately, that they find salads a bit dull, and hence avoid them. The remedy, logically, is to make a salad that isn’t boring, and delight as those who normally wouldn’t eat them get excited to try out what you’ve made. We’ve found this cure for boring salads in Good Housekeeping’s mixed green and herb toss salad, an outstanding alternative for the ordinary. You’ll need some spring greens, along with some edamame, shallots, and additional fixings, and the recipe is as easy as mixing all your ingredients together and drizzling with your carefully-prepared dressing. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it tastes so good you’ll be asking for a second bowl.

The Sweet Potato Solution

Ready for some sweet potatoes done Mediterranean-style? These Mediterranean baked sweet potatoes from Minimalist Baker will surely fit the bill, bringing together that delicious taste of the sumptuous sweet potato with a list of rather simple ingredients, including chickpeas, tomatoes, and a light garlic-herb sauce. The sweetness of those potatoes is balanced by the zesty tang of the lemon parsley-tomato salad you’ll be topping them with, and it all comes together for a masterpiece that you can create in just half an hour. If quick, healthy, and delicious are what you’re after, this is where you’ll surely find all three.

Chili Mac & Cheese

Who can argue with mac & cheese? Few, we suspect, and even fewer when you’re amping up your mac with green chili and cashews, as seen in this recipe from Minimalist Baker. This dish follows the basic mac & cheese formula, which you probably already have committed to memory. Just be sure you get your cashews prepared the night before you plan on making this dish for the best taste possible.

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