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Top Sacramento Restos 2019

Three women sharing hot pot at a restaurant

Have you heard the news? The Kitchen in Sacramento was ranked on the list of the best restaurants in the country, which got us thinking about all the great places to eat around The Arbors and the Sacramento area as a whole. There are thousands of spots to eat around the city, but only a few can make your shortlist, so to help you out, we’ve put together this list of local favorites, hot newcomers, and iconic dishes to help you on your way in discovering the best of what the Sacramento food scene has to offer.

The Kitchen

Since it made the list, let’s talk about what you’ll find at The Kitchen on Hurley Way. This is a “New American” spot, featuring high-end menu options based on a “twelve month seasonal framework,” meaning they use ingredients that are in season to provide the freshest varieties, and source both locally and regionally to help ensure quality. To some, like Lonely Planet, this is part of what makes them the top-tier of the Sacramento dining experience:

“Husband-and-wife team Randall Selland and Nancy Zimmer's cozy dining room in the northeast 'burbs is the pinnacle of Sacramento’s food experience. Their demonstration dinners focus on — what else? — local, seasonal, organic food, immaculately prepared before your eyes.”

And what sort of options will you find on this seasonal menu? Since it’s still Spring, you’ll be seeing some of their standouts, like the Crispy Maine Lobster Cake, the Fava Bean Custard and Egg Yolk Ravioli, and the Pan Roasted Barramundi — all part of a four-course meal that’s sure to leave you plenty satisfied (and maybe even a bit to take home with you).

Yue Huang Restaurant

Sometimes, there’s nothing that will hit the spot like a good plate of dumplings, and for those moments, Yue Huang is the place to go over on Truxel Road. This Chinese Dim Sum restaurant is known to make a great many high-quality dishes, though none shine quite like those delectable dumplings, served steamy fresh, and with a welcoming atmosphere to boot. This is indeed one of the best, for Dim Sum, and just a good meal in general.

Canon East Sacramento

Head to the 34th Street, in East Sacramento, and you’ll find Canon, the creative, comfort food spot with a sleek interior and styling bar. Another restaurant that uses a seasonal menu, you’ll find that the options here a Canon change on a fairly regular basis. Founder Clay Nutting and Head Chef Brad Cecchi seem to have hit the sweet spot with this one, creating both a great place to eat and a great place for Sacramento residents to come and take a load off, as was their original intention:

“Nutting notes that the food, wine, beer and cocktail programs will all play an integral part in Canon’s grander intention of being a place where Sacramentans can kick back and relax, particularly on the 1,400-square-foot patio (replete with fire pits) and inside the large dining room that will be kitted out in wood, steel and marble, creating a contemporary tavern ambiance.”

There was plenty of anticipation when Canon first opened its doors, and now, a few years on, they haven’t disappointed, with food and fine cocktails that are the envy of lesser Sacramento establishments.

Masullo Pizza

If you’d prefer a piping hot slice of pizza, you’ll want to venture to Masullo Pizza on Riverside Boulevard. It’s a restaurant that shines in what is decidedly a non-pizza town and they’ve got even more on offer if you’re interested, from satisfying appetizers to fresh salads and even a bit of dessert, they’ve got the flavors (and the panache) to make this a part of your regular eating out routine.

Jungle Bird

You want a strong drink in a relaxing, island-mimicking environment? Make Jungle Bird on J Street your jam. This is right in the heart of Midtown Sacramento, but the atmosphere is more akin to a tiki-paradise than an urban jungle, with its colorful decor and smiling, friendly faces. Happy Hour is the move here, every Monday through Friday, from 4:00PM to 6:00PM, and you can get your fill of Mai Tais, craft beers, and house cocktails, pairing them with a plate of hot, delicious eating like the pork sliders, crab rangoon, or fried chicken rice bowl.

Kru Contemporary Japanese Cuisine

You want some Japanese food, but you want a fresh twist on this traditional fare. Billy Ngo’s Kru has you covered, and if you head to their spot on Folsom Boulevard, you’ll get your fill of modern and delicious Japanese delicacies. Here, the focus is all about a tailored experience:

“Kru seeks to interpret the guest’s intent, palate, mood and occasion through our technique and passion. Plates and glass our vehicles, we honor our ingredients through contemporary Japanese cuisine, Barmanship and Omakase.”

True to their intent, they’ve racked up numerous accolades and plenty of positive press in the Sacramento Bee, Sactown Magazine, the Food Network, and Girls on the Grid, and most customers who grace their doors leave satisfied and ready for a return visit. Among their fine dishes, you’ll find the variety of familiar favorites like sushi rolls and sashimi, along with some signature standouts like the lobster tempura and Australian wagyu that are sure to please your palate.

The Arbors Put You Close to All of Sacramento’s Best

If you’re looking to be near enough to the Sacramento action to enjoy it, but far enough away that you can still enjoy some serenity without the constant hum of the city, The Arbors is the spot you’re looking for. Nestled right in tranquil Antelope, you can enjoy the quiet this gorgeous community offers whenever you need, but with only 12 miles separating your from downtown Sacramento, the wonders of the city are always well within reach. It’s the best of both worlds, and the most convenient way to enjoy the bountiful Sacramento area. See what The Arbors have in store, then prepare to enter a welcoming, family-oriented community like few others around.