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Top 3 Water Conservation Tips

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Those of us living in apartments in Sacramento have recently learned about the new water restriction laws in California. Up until now, we didn’t have to worry so much about using too much water in the shower, or flushing the toilet bowl too many times during the day. But things are changing for the worse because California doesn’t really have any water – or at least not enough of it – so water conservation is becoming a major issue for citizens and local government all throughout the state.

As a person living in the state of California, you obviously want to do what is best for your state and your local community. So it makes sense to take time out of your busy schedule to learn about ways to conserve this precious resource. It doesn’t matter if you live in Antelope, Sacramento, or anywhere else in the state, because you are subject to the current water restrictions and it’s important to do your part to make sure there’s enough of this precious commodity to go around for everyone.

With that said, we will now take time to share some of the most important water conservation tips with you today that we’ve ever discovered. We highly recommend using these tips and incorporating them into your day-to-day life. It’s always best to go above what’s expected of you. And if more people begin thinking this way, the California water crisis won’t have to be as bad as it currently is right now.

Water Conservation Tip #1: Thoroughly Inspect Your Toilets, Pipes, and Faucets for Leaks

Leaky faucets, pipes, and toilet bowls are a major problem for any and all of us looking to conserve water. It’s going to be difficult if not nearly impossible to conserve as much water as you can if it’s constantly leaking out of your pipes, toilet bowls, and faucets even if you may not know it at the time.

So, instead of continuing to let this potential problem go unnoticed, it’s time to make every effort to do something about it. To start things off, you should inspect your entire house or apartment and look at all of your faucets, toilet bowls, and visible pipes. If it looks like any of them are leaking, you need to take the necessary steps to either fix them or hire someone to correct these issues.

As far as pipes that are invisible to the naked eye, you should look at your walls, floors, and ceilings to see if there are any visible signs letting you know that you have leaky pipes throughout the house. Obviously this is going to create a major problem if you do suspect there are leaks because you’ll have to tear down your ceilings, walls, or floors in order to expose the pipes and fix the problem. But this is a necessary evil that we all have to take care of during a time of crisis, so you should definitely make every effort to fix this issue and if you can’t do it on your own, hire a trustworthy contractor that can do it for you.

Water Conservation Tip #2: Start Taking Shorter Showers Less Frequently

If you’re like most people, you love sliding into a warm shower after a tough day at work. This is a relaxing experience for many of us and it’s the best place to unwind after a particularly difficult day. So if you feel this way about taking showers, this particular water conservation tip is going to be quite difficult for you at first before you adapt to your new situation.

You see, because of the water crisis and shortage in California, the state officials are asking members of the community to begin taking quicker showers. That means you can no longer stand under the warm water for long periods of time as you let it wash the stress of your day away. Unfortunately, this water is too precious of a commodity to waste on anything other than the bare essentials. And standing under the water for unnecessary lengths of time isn’t one of those essentials right now, even though it may feel like that to you.

So do yourself a favor and take quicker showers every day. And if you can get away with it try not to shower as often as you normally would. No one is saying you have to sacrifice cleanliness because that would be foolish. But if you can get away with it, take fewer showers and definitely make sure they are much quicker than normal.

Water Conservation Tip #3: Install Showerheads and Ultra Low Flush Toilets Focused on Water Conservation

Most people don’t realize it, but they actually sell ultra low flush toilet bowls and low-flow shower heads. Some people consider these things a sacrilege because they love their water pressure and they aren’t willing to give it up. But in a conservation type situation, it makes sense to make this change because you need to conserve water as best as possible and this is a great way to do it.

If you have experience doing minor plumbing work, you may consider installing these items on your own. If not, you should contact a local plumber that you trust and ask them how much it will cost and find out when they can make these changes. Take a moment to do it right away because you’ll continue to ignore this idea unless you take action immediately.

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