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Safe Driving Tips

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As you set out from your single family home for rent to explore the wonderful expanse that is Northern California, there’s something you should know. Sacramento roads have become a bit more dangerous as of late, as the Sacramento Bee reports that the city is “number one among California cities for killing and injuring pedestrians under the age of 15 with automobiles.” That’s not exactly the sort of thing one wants to be in the lead for, and it actually gets worse as the article points out:

“An examination of eight years of data revealed that Sacramento leads the state as a danger zone for car-related injuries and deaths resulting from a combination of drinking, speeding, driving at night and hit-and-runs. And in 2016, the latest year of data available, we had the highest per capita rate of alcohol-involved injury crashes.”

Not exactly reassuring, but there are ways you and fellow Northern California residents can do your part to help mitigate the dangers. Follow some of these easy-to-understand safe driving tips, and you’ll be helping to keep the roads a bit safer for everyone.

How to Drive With Safety in Mind

It won’t even take a drastic alteration of you road behaviors to start driving more safely. Just keep these tips in mind whenever you’re out on the road and you’ll be doing both pedestrians and your fellow motorists a great service:

Respect the Speed Limit — Speed limits exist for a reason, especially when you’re traversing areas that are pedestrian-heavy. Be sure to watch for that speed limit sign and obey so that you aren’t driving at reckless speeds and endangering your fellow citizens.

Leave the Phone Alone — Distracted driving can kill, no two ways about it. The logical response, then, is to avoid fiddling around with your device while you’re out on the road. No texts, no calls (unless you’re going handsfree), and definitely no streaming videos while driving.

Mind Your Stop Signs — It might be tempting to roll past a stop sign if things don’t seem particularly busy, but resist that urge and be sure to always come to a complete stop. Additionally, even if there’s no stop sign about, make sure you always slow down or stop when you see pedestrians. You’ve got to take their safety into account, and this is a great way to go about it.

No Drinking and Driving...Ever — It should go without saying, but you should never, under any circumstances, drive while you’re intoxicated. Get a designated driver, call a rideshare if you’ve had too much to drink, but don’t take the wheel and put others at risk.

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