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Sacramento's Hottest Books

A woman reading a book near a sunny window, with mug in hand

Everyone loves a good book. Chances are you've got a few on your end table at the Sacramento apartments for rent just waiting for you to read. The rest of Sacramento agrees that reading is where it's at, so to speak, so much so that Sacramento Public Library is still running strong and getting plenty of determined readers coming through the doors on a regular basis. What books have everyone in a reading frenzy, you might wonder?

There are more than a few great titles that Sacramento residents have been clamoring for, and it turns out the Library has been keeping track of the most popular entries. Today, we're going to take a look at just what your fellow Sacramento citizens have been checking out. Who knows, maybe you'll have cause to flip through one of these riveting tomes as well?

The Books That Have Sacramento Hooked

The most popular books for frequent visitors of the Sacramento Public Library system are a good mix of thriller fiction, memoir, and light novels spanning multiple genres. As it stands, these are the top five from the bunch:

The President Is Missing

Written by Bill Clinton and James Patterson, this political thriller is the former president's first, following embattled fictional president Jonathan Lincoln Duncan in a wild story that takes a number of unexpected twists and turns throughout its 447 pages.


This memoir by Tara Westover examines the writer's unconventional upbringing and quest to educate herself in a life that was devoid of tradition schooling. It's won numerous awards and comes highly recommended by most who have picked it up.


The New York Times Bestseller from Michelle Obama is a masterwork of personal storytelling, describing the former First Lady's journey in "finding her voice," her role during her time in the White House, and numerous other topics of interest.

I'll Be Gone in the Dark

If you like mysteries, you'll probably enjoy this book from Michelle McNamara, which details the true crime story about the Golden State Killer. McNamara tragically passed before the book's release, but it's a riveting read, and one that speaks to her talents.

Little Fires Everywhere

The second novel from Celeste Ng, this story takes place in Ng's hometown of Shaker Heights, Ohio, and tells the story of two families in the 1990s who are intertwined through interesting circumstances. If you're a fiction buff, you'll likely have a few good hours enjoying this rather emotional tale.

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