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Sacramento Holiday Expo

A teenage girl walking with gift bags in front of decorated Christmas trees.

Imagine, if you would, a place where you could shop, have a great time, and express a generous portion of holiday cheer? Near some of the finest houses for rent in Northern California, right on H Street in Sacramento, you’ll have the opportunity to do exactly that. The Sacramento Premier Holiday Expo is coming December 9th, and with it, an inimitable opportunity to shop for unique holiday gifts, taste delicious food, network, and have a grand old time. Interested in checking it all out? Read on for more details, see if this is the kind of shindig that you’d be interested in, and prepare to gather up the family for a whole day of excitement in the city.

Event Details

The Holiday Expo will be taking place at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center on H Street, near the American River. It’s one of those Freemasonry Centers that’s shrouded in mystery and murky history:

“Like so much early Masonic history, the origins of the Scottish Rite are hidden in mist. There’s evidence that by the early 1730s in England there were “Scotch Masons” or “Scots Master Masons,” a step after the Master Mason Degree (and apparently unrelated to Scotland). By 1742 in Berlin there was talk of “higher or so-called Scottish Masonry.”

All told, it’s a beautiful venue for events, one that you might be keen on admiring as you’re walking about on the 9th. There’s no mystery behind the Holiday Expo, though. The event lasts from 11:00AM to 5:00PM, and will provide a chance to have a great time:

“It can’t get better if you can enjoy the same experience of holiday shopping all at the Expo. Numerous brands, unique range of products, live DJ, Food Tasting, Fashion Show and a lot more awaits you at the 2017 Sacramento Premier Holiday Shopping Expo.”

There will be more than 70 vendors and exhibitors from across the Bay Area, and they’ll be peddling plenty of jewelry, art, clothing, dolls, crystals, gems, soap, health products, makeup, and more for your enjoyment. You’ll also get to delight in delicious food and deserts at the Expo Food Court and dance to the tunes provided by the live DJ in attendance. There’s even a raffle to get you in the running for some cool prizes.

Those dessert will include fine offerings from one of California’s finest, Ireana’s Sweets. The touching story of the confectioner’s foray into her craft is enough to warm your heart:

“Ireana's "Love Boxes" were conceived after a life altering car accident. What I didn't know was that so many people would love my idea as much as I did. God's blessings and Favor. Each "Love Box" is personally created with a touch of elegance and class fit for Kings and Queens.”

At the Holiday Expo, she’ll be displaying some of her specialties, including 7up Cake, Coconut Cake, Pecan Candies, Caramel Apples, and Candy Apples. There are plenty of other vendors that will be in attendance, with a current listing that includes twenty amazing standouts:

  1. Damsel in Defense
  2. Danni Hargrove Diva Defense
  3. Farm to Fresh
  4. Get Natural Beauty
  5. Javita
  6. K-Lynn Designs
  7. Laria Unlimited
  8. Lipsense & SeneGense
  9. LuLaRoe
  10. Mary Kay
  11. Nerium
  12. Nice & Bella
  13. Norwex
  14. Regi M's
  15. Scentsy
  16. Traci-Lynn Fashion Jewelry Starr Collection
  17. Tupperware & Paparazzi
  18. Wine Decadence
  19. World of Honey - Spice is Nice
  20. Younique

For the kids, there will be an appearance by Santa, along with a puppet show to kick off the day and a cool fashion show scheduled as the closing event. Children, by the way, can enter the event for free. For all others, a registration and fee is required, but you can take care of all that in advance via the event’s registration page. The fees are as follows:

  • Shopper’s Fee For One: $9.00 ($13.00 after December 7th)
  • Shopper’s Fee For Two: $18.00 ($26.00 after December 7th)
  • Shopper’s Fee For Three: $27.00 ($39.00 after December 7th)
  • Shopper’s Fee For Four: $36.00 ($52.00 after December 7th)

There will be a chance to rustle up some free tickets, though. If you check the Facebook Page, you’ll see that they are giving away free tickets daily, right up until the day of the event. Invite people and spread the word, then you’ll be entered for a chance to win.

So, be sure to round up some friends or family and come as a group. The Holiday is an excellent time for community and for networking. With so many in attendance, you’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with who-knows-who, and expand your connections or forge new opportunities while simultaneously engendering some holiday cheer.

For vendors and businesses, the Expo provides even greater opportunity. Trazformation Public Relations, the group sponsoring this particular soiree, is dedicated to helping others in the community reach their potential:

“Our events support and empower small businesses and women leaders. Come expand your networks and create new connections and opportunities to support one another as we thrive and grow our businesses this holiday season.”

At the holiday expo, you’ll have the chance to expand your business base and clientele by showing off live demonstrations of your products and services, getting an idea of the psychology of your potential new clients, building your mailing list, increasing your brand awareness, distributing information about your brand, and generating hot new leads (and maybe a few on-the-spot sales).

If you think the Holiday Expo might be a good chance for you to expand your business, be sure to check out the event vendor registration page, where you can sign up to be in attendance. You can get just a single table, or several tables (depending on your needs and the size of your business).

Whether you’re coming as a vendor or just a shopper, the Holiday Expo will be a fun time, and an excellent opportunity to deepen your connections with the lively Sacramento community.

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