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Sacramento’s First Michelin

A woman reviewing the menu at a fine dining restaurant

Did you know that there’s a new Michelin-rated restaurant near the Sacramento apartments for rent? According to Sacramento Magazine, The Kitchen was recently bestowed with the honor, and it should come as little surprise, seeing as the restaurant was recently featured as one of the Best Restaurants in America:

“The Kitchen Restaurant on Hurley way near Howe Avenue placed 30th on a 24-7 Wall Street Review study. The survey looked at restaurants that have earned a triple-A five-diamond rating, and at least a one-star review on the Michelin guide.”

The Kitchen is the first Sacramento restaurant to receive such distinguished recognition, but it’s not the only great restaurant in town. Indeed, there are a great many establishments in town that are worth your while, and today, we’re going to be breaking down some of the best, clueing you in on where to go when you’re looking for a quality bite to eat this summer.

A Look at The Kitchen

First things first, let’s take a look at The Kitchen and what makes it such a well-respected establishment, shall we? You want to talk about long-standing Sacramento institutions? The Kitchen just might qualify, since it’s been open since 1991, the brainchild of husband-and-wife duo Randall Selland and Nancy Zimmer.

Prior to becoming a chef, Selland and Zimmer were entrenched in the world of art. Once they crossed over to cooking, though, they surprised the Sacramento scene, offering a revolutionary dining experience to their clientele. The revolutionary experience included cooking in front of dinner guests and having some intimate chats with the clientele, and helped propel them to prominence.

Now, some 30 years later, a few things have changed, but the dedication to a welcoming experience and delicious food have not. According to their Michelin entry:

“The Kitchen has felt like a party from start to finish, hosted by the talented Chef Kelly McCown. Diners (celebrants are inevitably included) are encouraged to get up and walk around, maybe even peek into the kitchen to chat up the cooks. Really like that truffle dish? The chef invites you to ask for seconds. Having fun is central to everything here.”

They’re also big fans of integrating new items into the menu (it changes monthly), and making sure that everything stays fresh and exciting for diners. As Selland said himself back in a 2011 interview, they don’t play things safe, and they much prefer making food at The Kitchen that incorporates new ideas and brings flavor to the fore:

“We enjoy going to places that are trying new techniques, pushing the envelope a little bit to where sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t … But we like to cook food for our clients that just tastes good. I mean, the best compliment you can ever get at The Kitchen is that the food is really yummy.”

And, while Selland and Zimmer have a talented chef under their employ who helps run the ship, they’re still heavily involved in the day-to-day operations, and are as dedicated as ever to making sure The Kitchen remains a place that Sacramento residents want to visit regularly. A visit they do — head over to the establishment’s Yelp page, and you can see the scores of customers who have come to The Kitchen and had a fantastic time. They got that Michelin star for good reason, and it seems The Kitchen will be continuing to improve its service and offerings well into the future.

Other Amazing Sacramento Restaurants

While The Kitchen is an outstanding place to head for a top-tier culinary experience, it’s not the only fancy restaurant you have the option of visiting in Sacramento. If you’re looking for a high-class dining experience, you might also want to check out The Firehouse on 2nd Street. This old Sacramento landmark has been around for 60 years, and has a reputation for class, sophistication, and great wine:

“Known for the most extensive wine collection in the Central Valley, The Firehouse specializes in delicious cuisine, premium wines, and offers a setting that features storied architecture and design. Housed in a historical landmark in Old Sacramento, the restaurant features weekday lunch services and dinner served daily.”

Then there’s Ella Dining Room & Bar on K Street. They serve a combination for French and American-styled favorites in a rather contemporary setting, that’s also charming and rustic. Regulars pour in and out all the time, and the upscale atmosphere is one that is known both far and wide. The wine list is interesting (though not as varied as The Firehouse), but their menu really takes the cake when it comes to being eclectic:

“The menu offers creative takes on a global array of favorites, from a sweet-savory gazpacho made with aromatic ambrosia melons and a dollop of olive oil ice cream to perfectly crispy and well-executed Southern fried chicken. Desserts are a must-the ambitious "fruity pebble" semifreddo accompanied by a vanilla-coriander meringue and finished with raspberry milk is a sight to behold.”

And these options, believe it or not, are just scratching the surface of the Sacramento dining scene. When it comes to offering diners high-class, high-quality experiences, this city has it down to a science. Something for you to keep in mind next time you’re ready to enjoy a night on the town and want a magnificent meal to cut loose with!

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