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    Sac Beer And Chili Festival

    March 19, 2018

    Sometimes you just want an ice cold beer. Other times, you’d like a piping hot bowl of chili. And for those occasions where you want to mix the two? Residents of the Antelope Apartments for rent know that just means a trip to the city for the Sacramento Beer And Chili Festival. Now entering its seventh year, this beer and chili festival is going to features some of the best offerings from both worlds, along with plenty of fun to be had for hungry (and thirsty) groups of friends.

    Thinking about checking out the Chili Cook-Off? This will be the place to do it? Just interested in sampling some fine beer while you relax under the April sun? You’ll be more than welcome to come the 21st. Regardless of your fancy, the Beer And Chili Festival will be there to provide, so let’s get into some details to get your prepped for this big event.

    What’s Happening At The Beer And Chili Festival?

    First, let’s get some of those general-info details out of the way, shall we? The Beer And Chili Festival will be taking place on Saturday, April 21st, at Roosevelt Park until 5:00PM, in the evening. This is a dog-friendly, and, to a degree, kid friendly event. While the little ones might not be able to partake in any beer, they can get a “Chili Only Ticket” if they are ten or older. Children under ten can enter for free. Remember, they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

    For adults, tickets can be procured from the Beer And Chili Festival’s Eventbrite page. Tickets are $20 - $35 a pop, and the proceeds will be going to benefit the local 4 R Friends non-profit group. They’ll use the money to “help provide life-saving emergency care for stray, abandoned, and shelter pets, and essential care for pets of low-income families.”

    The main event is the Chili Cook Off, where teams of chili masters square off to see who can prepare the best dish. There will be a People’s Choice, of course, decided by vote, but the judges will also have their say in whose chili they believe to be the finest. 3-5 judges will rate the chili presented to them, on a numerical scale from 1 - 5, in the following categories:


    The winners will be crowned in four categories:

    People’s Choice
    Entrants to the Chili Cook Off comes with a few perks as well:

    “Individual Category includes two 5 oz. beer tasting mugs. Industry Category includes four 5 oz beer tasting mugs. And additional four Full Access tickets can be purchased by teams for friends/family at the discounted price of $20.00 (regular price is $40.00).”

    The hot competitors in the main cook off categories have already emerged as well. These guys, it seems, are the ones to beat:

    Industry -- Dad’s Kitchen, Pipin’ Hot Smokers, Scooter’s Chili
    Individual -- Sacramento Australian Football Club, 2 Man BBQ, Bryant’s California Chili, Sacramento River Train
    Vegetarian -- Sun And Soil
    The second component of the festival, the beer, promises to be equally thrilling. Each brewer in attendance will bring two 15-gallon kegs of their best stuff for the crowds to enjoy, and attendees will be given 5 oz mugs for unlimited tastings. Tastings start at 11:00AM. There might even be a few names you recognize among the many beer offerings:

    North Coast Brewing Company

    Independent since 1988. Pioneers of the craft beer movement. Located on the Mendocino Coast (well-known for their love of beer). North Coast Brewing has a strong reputation for quality (they’ve racked up more than 110 awards around the world so far) and count among their favored varieties their Red Seal Ale, Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout, and Scrimshaw Pilsner. The “heritage” of their beer extends back to 1860s-era San Francisco.

    New Belgium Brewing Company

    You’ve likely already seen or tasted their popular, Belgian-style ale, Fat Tire. The New Belgium Brewing Company, founded in 1988, is the product of the hard work of Jeff Lebesch, started as a basement brewing operation and then expanded into the well-known brand it is today. Their purpose is singular: to manifest their love and talent by “crafting their customers' favorite brands and proving business can be a force for good.”

    Alaskan Brewing Company

    Founded by two 28-year-olds, Marcy and Geoff Larson, in 1986, Alaskan Brewing Company was the “67th independent brewery in the country” when they first opened up shop, and the “first brewery in Juneau since Prohibition.” They represent the heritage and history of Alaskan brewing, reflected in their unique recipes and enhanced by constant innovation. They’ve grown since those early days, but their respect for tradition hasn’t faded.

    Dust Bowl Brewing Company

    They’ve got a intricate history that draws its roots from 1930s America, “when the Tate family loaded their Model A and left Oklahoma for a journey that would prove fruitful for generations to come.” Now in California, a descendant of those migrants, Brett Tate, decided it was time to get to brewing, and Dust Bowl Brewing Company was born. Since their first beer, their Hops Of Wrath IPA, they’ve been steadily delivering quality product to the masses.

    Track Seven Brewing Company

    A product of the Graham and Scott families, Track Seven Brewing Company draws their name from their proximity to the old Western Pacific Railroad tracks, paying homage to the history of Sacramento and distinguishing themselves as a stylish, local favorite. Their beer is brewed in the West Coast tradition, but covers all varieties.

    In addition to all the brewmasters, there will also be numerous vendors in attendance, live music, and plenty of entertainment for attendees to soak up. You can get an even better idea of what to expect by checking out some coverage of previous festivals, and prepare yourself for a good time.

    The Antelope Apartments For Rent Are Near All This Excitement

    Close to the action, but not too close. Communities like The Arbors give you access to all the fun in the city of Sacramento, and simultaneously provide the freedom to retreat to your idyllic enclave for some peace and quiet. Check it out, and start enjoying the best of both worlds.