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Hottest Spots in Napa Valley

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The weather is warming up, so if you’re ready to get out from the apartments in Sacramento for a day trip that will knock your socks off, we’re thinking you’ve got the right idea. There are tons of great places in this area of California to get out for the day, but this spring, we’re thinking Napa should hold the top spot on your list of locations to visit. There’s plenty in the way of fun and exciting to be experienced, and today, we’re going to be throwing a few ideas your way so you’ll be plenty prepared by the time you’re ready to make the trip.

Why Napa?

California is a big state, so why choose Napa as your first day-trip destination? Sure, the wine they produce is a draw for all the oenophiles, but even if you aren’t crazy about the reds and whites, this area blends all the best elements of a brief getaway together into one:

“This town offers an impressive diversity of food and activities. Check out the unexpected blend of urban activity – interactive street art, food trucks, and vibrant night life – combined with quaint Napa Valley character – a quiet river walk, hidden tasting rooms, and a lively farmers’ market.”

And all of this is set against a scenic backdrop and gorgeous weather. The Napa River, in particular, is a sight to behold — diverse in its wildlife and rather photogenic from the right angles. Even without the river, though, this place is a photographer’s dream, with expansive valleys set against rolling hills and mountains, and a charming, small-town character capable of enticing even the most staunch urbanistas around. Next up, we’ll talk about a few specific locations in Napa you’ll definitely want to pay attention to on your upcoming visit.

Hotspots to Add to Your List

You’re liable to enter Napa with a hankering to eat, in which case, the first stop on your day-trip itinerary should be some delicious dining, something Napa is never in short supply of. For this jaunt, we’ll be recommending the JAX White Mule Diner, right in the heart of Napa proper. It’s got an old-school aesthetic, but was actually founded in 2014 as a throwback to a simpler time — when the food was great and the faces were always friendly. As Executive Chef Sharon Li says of the restaurant:

“My aim is to serve with humility and share a connection with our guests through the comfort of food. Food is special to me, and I love the way it can evoke memories or build new ones. Nothing feels better than sharing food with your friends and family.”

And of that, there’s little doubt. Taste the food here, and you’ll be making some strong associations between the words “Napa” and “quality,” and be plenty refreshed to continue your tour through the Valley’s hotspots. Speaking of which, while you’re in Napa, you might want to pay a visit to the Oxbow Public Market. Here, at the “community gathering place” for delicious food, you can pick up a few ingredients to take back home and try in your own delicacies, and might even be tempted to grab a gift from the Napa Bookmine. As the name suggests, you can find all manner of reading material here, from hardcovers to magazines, and on topics that will delight adult and child alike.

Ready to do some more sightseeing? We hope you take your camera with you, because you’ll definitely want to snap some shots as you head just north up the road to see the Castello di Amorosa. It’s designed as a thirteenth-century Tuscan castle, and is also an exquisite winery that offers the tours, tastings, and other trappings you’d expect from such an establishment. The romantic setting makes it a popular place for couples to take their engagement photos (we’re not joking, look up Castello di Amorosa Photography in your search engine and you’ll be flooded with pages of happy brides and grooms-to be), but even without a pair of subjects in the foreground, this spot is excellent for photographers of all stripes, so be sure to bring your gear with you.

Once you head back into Napa, you might want to try a self-guided artwalk. There are tons of statues scattered around the downtown area, and again, they’re all quite photogenic. Once you’ve had your fill of looking around, it’ll be time for a proper send off for your day trip, and for that there are two options we’d suggest.

The first of those is the Uptown Napa Theatre, which features top-level talent on its stage. Music, comedy — you name it, they’ll be doing a show here ate some point, and in a rather lovely venue, we might add. There are nearly a thousand comfortable seats inside the Napa Theatre, and it’s all designed to mimic an old art-deco establishment, which is great if you appreciate that sort of retro-cool aesthetic.

For a different take on the live performance scene, though, you might instead want to check out the Blue Note in Napa, which is set up in the renovated historic opera house, and features all sorts of jazz and blues acts in its nightly lineup.

Ready for a Scenic Drive From the Apartments in Sacramento?

All told, getting to Napa from the beautiful Arbors community is about a 72-mile excursion, which will take you just over an hour on most days. Along the way, you’ll get a glimpse at all that Central California scenery and, with the right playlist, should be able to enjoy a rather relaxing miniature road trip. When all is said and done, you can come back to this lovely assemblage of rental homes to rest, relax, and prepare for your next adventure. If you’re ready for a new kind of community, be sure to check out everything The Arbors has to offer, and contact our leasing office today to learn about making one of these stunning single-family homes your own!