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Hotsprings Near Sacramento

A woman in a hot spring, gazing out at the river rapids below

When you think about the Arbors at Antelope apartments and the greater Sacramento area, hot springs probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind, but maybe they should be? While you aren’t likely to find any springs right in the city, there are plenty California hot springs right within driving distance, and today, we’re going to lay out a few prime options for you so you can plan a trip in the (hopefully) near future.

Why Go to a Hot Spring?

If it wasn’t immediately obvious, the benefit of rest and relaxation is perhaps one of the most glaring reasons you should consider a hot springs visit soon, but beyond the decompressing nature a trip to the springs will provide you, there are ancillary health benefits you’ll receive from soaking in these natural wonders.

Owing to the hot water, hot springs can hold large concentrations of all kinds of minerals, stuff like calcium, magnesium, silica, lithium, and the like. When you take a soak, these minerals can be absorbed into your body, providing all sorts of beneficial effects, and not to mention, the hot water itself helps you out too.

For example, those minerals we mentioned, when they enter your bloodstream after being absorbed from the hot spring, can help improve your circulation and the flow of oxygen within your body. That mineral water goes further with its benefits, helping to relieve stress and relax your muscles, and springs with enough silica can smooth out and soften rough and dry skin.

Let’s not forget about the heat in the springs either. A nice soak can help serve as a pain reliever, dulling the sensation by blocking the pain receptors in the body. Lastly, thanks to the heat, you’ll find that once you leave the hot spring, you can get to sleep easier and rest more soundly once you’ve finished cooling off.

Is it any wonder, then, that you’d want to pay a visit to the springs and enjoy not only a bit of quality time off but some rejuvenating health benefits? The hot springs are the answer, and next, we’ll look at a few within striking distance of Sacramento you’ll want to check out.

The Best of Northern California’s Hot Springs

As it turns out, Northern California is a great place for springs, and they exist in all sorts of surroundings. Some are located in resorts that put you close to nature, while others have more of an urban feel to them. Regardless of the precise spot, though, you can rest assured these springs are just what you need for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Golden Haven Hot Springs

Deep in Napa Valley, to the West of Sacramento (and past Lake Berryessa), you’ll find the Golden Haven Hot Springs in Calistoga, CA. Here, you’ll get to enjoy their relaxing mineral spring, but that’s not the only thing that Golden Haven is known for. They’ve also got mud baths, and a recreation area where you can enjoy bocce, have a picnic, or just relax in front of the fire pit. To top it all off, you’re right in the middle of wine country, so you could easily pair this with a winery trip.

Sierra Hot Springs

Sierra Hot Springs, unsurprisingly, is located in Sierraville, just outside of the Tahoe National Forest and inside what has to be one of the beautiful valleys for miles around. Self-described as a “sacred healing place,” these springs are great for rejuvenating your body, and their resort has camping facilities and other lodging available if you want to make this a multi-day trip.

Vichy Springs

You’ll find Vichy Springs in Ukiah, California. That’s in Mendocino county, to the northwest of Sacramento, in case you were wondering. These springs are set in a resort atmosphere, one that’s been around for well over 150 years and has all sorts of private bathing options if you want to take a secluded soak. They also do massages here, so prepare for what might be the ultimate level of relaxation on this trip.

Wilbur Hot Springs

If you want maximum seclusion, you’ll want Wilbur Hot Springs in Wilbur Springs, California. Part of their claim to fame is being a “green spring” that relies on solar power for their facilities. They also boast a philosophy of inclusivity, welcoming all to enjoy the healing properties of their fantastic springs.

Steep Ravine Hot Springs

Marin County is known across California as a place of beauty. It makes sense, then, that you’d find gorgeous Steep Ravine Hot Springs there, right at the Steep Ravine Campgrounds near the shores of the Bolinas Bay. The setting here is perfect for relaxation, and you’ll find the atmosphere so enchanting it will be difficult to leave.

Orr Hot Springs

Orr Hot Springs is another resort-style location, situated in the hills of the Mendocino Coastal Range. It has a decidedly rustic feel, as the cabins here were constructed way back in the 1930s, and add to the laid-back forest setting of the resort. The springs themselves are a marvel, and the bathhouse has a variety of tubs with 100+ degree water for you to enjoy.

Travertine Hot Springs

The Travertine Hot Springs in Bridgeport, California, will provide you with more of a mountain feel, being close to Bodie Mountain and providing an excellent backdrop for your trip. The rustic air here is further enhanced should you decide to make the journey in the winter, but a summer trip will be just as fun, and more than relaxing enough for your purposes.

Mercey Hot Springs

Last up is Mercey Hot Springs. You’ll find this resort in Firebaugh, California, part of northwestern Fresno County, and the small town, desert atmosphere is a surprisingly peaceful one that will let you absorb the best of what those healing waters have to offer.

Yet Another Reason to Love the Arbors at Antelope Apartments

Just when you thought there were already enough reasons The Arbors were a stellar place to call home, you can go ahead and add “proximity to amazing hot springs” to the list. That list, by the way, is a plentiful one, and includes great features like it’s spacious living spaces and fantastic five-star community amenities. Few communities can match the total package The Arbors can offer, so take a look at these stellar rentals, and prepare to be amazed by how luxurious life outside of Sacramento can be.