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Home Accent Piece Ideas

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Thinking about upgrading your home’s aesthetic? Even the best designed living spaces, like the luxury apartments in Antelope, can be wholly transformed with the simple addition of a few quality accent pieces. As design blog CORT notes, they’re a great way to add a touch of personality and character to any room:

“When it comes to design, the beauty of a home or apartment is in the details. Accent pieces add warmth and character to your décor and reflect your own personal style.”

How can you use accent pieces to enhance your own living space, and what sort of pieces should you go for if you’re looking to make that attempt? You can find a lot of good tips in that CORT blog post, but we’ve got a few more in store for you today, along with some ideas that will get your creative juices flowing and put you on the interior design “warpath” for summer.

Tips for Using Accents

As we mentioned above, CORT has already presented some pretty good tips, perhaps the most notable of which is “defining your style.” As the old saying goes, “if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there,” so you have to reflect upon what you want to achieve before you can begin your interior design journey.

If your goal is to create an instantly-recognizable contemporary aesthetic, you’ll need to research the current trends, and make sure you have the furniture and color schemes to match (we’re thinking metallic finishes and lots of sharp angles will do the trick). Conversely, if you’re going for something elegant and rustic, you’ll be incorporating different shapes, textures, and colors into your vision, so be sure to plan accordingly so that you can get the best results.

Once you have your goals set, there are a few extra tips you’ll want to take note of, the first of which is emphasizing quality over quantity. It’s easy to just pick up a bunch of accents and throwing them around your living space haphazardly, but this will more than likely lead to chaos (not the perfectly-designed interior you’re after).

A much more prudent approach is to avoid the cheap, chintzy, and mass-produced in favor of accent pieces that are crafted with care and will truly enhance your home. Before you buy an accent, ask yourself, is this unique? How will it fit in the grand scheme of things? Will it really make an impression? You’ll get to the heart of the matter fairly quickly!

While quality is important, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose multiple pieces. To the contrary, feel free to go with multiples, but always keep in mind how they’ll work together. Layering is a big deal when it comes to accent pieces, as is the way different colors and textures mesh together. It might take some experimentation to fully grasp, but it’s certainly something that can be ignored, so keep it in the back of your mind as you’re experimenting with different combinations of items.

Lastly, while you’re out there considering different accents, always think about the proportions of the rooms you’re dealing with and the size of the accents you want to place in them. Few things look sillier than a huge wall space with a tiny accent that guests can barely see, and, at the opposite end of the spectrum, pieces that are too large for their spaces can appear woefully out of place.

We know that’s a lot to digest, but start slowly and follow the rules, and you’ll have a leg up on transforming your home with beautiful accent pieces. In due time, you’ll start to see your interior design come together in a big way.

Accent Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

So, where should you concentrate your efforts while you’re looking for new home accents? There are several spots in your home you can improve, starting with your walls. Blank walls, as you may have noticed, look vacant, and drain the life out of a room. Add a painting or a few mirrors, though, and you’ll find that empty room breathing with life, welcoming your guests to explore further or just sit and relax in comfort as you reminisce about the good times.

Lighting too will make a big difference in any room, so you should look to make enhancements by mixing in floor lamps, table lamps, and shelf lighting to whatever overhead lights you may already have. Instead of flooding the room with a single light source, these additional lighting sources will allow you to set various ambiances and call attention to particular facets of the room — should you so choose.

Furniture is always a great way to accent a room, and while you probably have all your big items like your bed and sofa covered, that doesn’t mean you can’t include a few extra pieces like tables, chairs, chests, and ottomans to spruce things up even further. Remember to ensure these all fit with your overall design scheme, and choose colors that will stand out without overpowering your space.

Lastly, there are the smaller touches you can use to accent your rooms. Vases and glassware for tables and shelves are a good place to start, as are pillows and throws for your couches and books/magazines for that underused end table. One spot that often gets overlooked is the floor, which you can often improve with a rug or two — provided you select a texture that’s comfortable and colors that aren’t too garish!

Make the Luxury Apartments in Antelope Even More Amazing

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