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Buying Indoor Plants Online

A woman checks her clipboard among flowers and plants.

You know what makes the apartments in Sacramento look a bit more lively? Indoor gardens, of course. In addition to making the inside air just that much more fresh (and providing you with an opportunity to brush up on your botany), indoor gardening is an easy and relaxing hobby to pick up — there’s pretty much no reason not to go for it!

There is one hurdle to clear before you get started, however, and that’s finding where to get a good supply of plants to populate your new project. For that, though, we have you covered. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best sources online to get your greenery.

For some, the prospect of buying plants online might seem puzzling. How can you be certain they’ll be exactly what you wanted if you can’t see them in person, after all? In truth, though, ordering plants online has evolved a great deal, and you can be sure that what you see is (oftentimes) what you get. Beyond that, you’ll find that in most cases online retailers are great at getting your items delivered safe and sound. Add to that the convenience of browsing for different plants without having to leave the comfort of home, and you might never want to make an excursion to the physical location ever again! With that in mind, we’ll be taking a look at a few of the best online dealers in the game.


The brainchild of Lana Elie, Floom is based on a fairly simple concept: bring the best flowers and most amazing bouquets to you, straight from the greatest florists in NYC. While they’re focused more on flowers as opposed to straight-up plants, a bit of color never hurt anyone, and Floom makes sure to handpick all the florists they work with to ensure the highest levels of quality.


Bloomscape is all about making plant shopping an easier endeavor, and in service of that goal, they’ve got a fairly straightforward process to help make getting plants to you a no-stress exercise. First, you pick out what you want, then they pack it up (with 100% recycled material). Once it arrives at your home, all you have to do is unpack and display your greenery.

It’s great, since the plants you order are already fully grown and pre-potted in the correct manner. Bloomscape packs them up in such a way that they’ll be safe and secure upon arrival, minimizing the stress and legwork for you. In the event that you do have any questions, Bloomscape is always happy to lend a hand, and make themselves pretty accessible through their customer support line and on social media.

The Bouqs Company

Bouqs offers both flower subscriptions and a selection of indoor plants for home gardens, so you can usually find a lot of variety within their offerings. The company, a collaboration between founders John Tabis and Juan Montufar, is keen on eliminating waste in the process of cultivating and delivering flowers and plants to customers, so they can also offer straightforward pricing for you (a great deal).

By their own admission, the nature of the growing game makes it so that not everything goes according to plan when dealing with plants, but they’ve got a dedication to quality, through their “Happiness Guarantee,” and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

The Dandy Farmer

What apartment wouldn’t benefit from a nice little bonsai tree? The Dandy Farmer certainly thinks highly of these hearty Japanese plants, and if you’re looking to browse through a robust inventory, you’d be hard pressed to find one more appealing. The Brooklyn-based studio are true lovers of the art, and in addition to the great bonsai plants, they’ve also got a nice selection of pots and tools for you to complete your indoor garden.

Léon & George

If you’re looking for a more focused selection of indoor plants, representative of the most stunning options, Léon & George should be your first stop. The company puts a focus on high quality (reflected in their prices), but you can rest assured that you’re spending on the best of the best when it comes to houseplants. They check all the sustainability boxes too, if that’s of interest to you (they donate a portion of funds to help plant trees nationwide), and to top it off, they offer free shipping to most places across the country.

The Sill

The name should be a dead giveaway here. The Sill is all about houseplants that look great on your windowsill, and while you don’t necessarily have to put what you purchase in the window, you can order here knowing that if you wanted to, you could find what you need. Beyond the great plants, they also offer online workshops so that you can get a few pointers on growing your indoor garden right — a big plus for all you newbies.


You can buy just about everything else on Amazon, so why not plants too? You’ll have access to the same conveniences you enjoy when shopping for your other wants and needs on Amazon, and in addition, the Amazon Prime stuff will usually get delivered to you in record time. Don’t forget, they’ve also got a great selection, covering flowers, palms, house plants, patio plants, window plants, and just about anything else you can dream up as well. While you’re there, be sure to snag some of your gardening supplies and some sturdy pots so you’ll have everything you need for that new home garden.

Make the Apartments in Sacramento a Little Bit Greener

It’s always nice to come home to a lush and lively abode, especially when that abode is at The Arbors. These living spaces are already the pinnacle of contemporary design and comfort; with a few plants of your choosing, they’ll make for an even homier place to hang your hat. Ready to make that move to one of the happiest spots in town? Drop us a line, and come see what The Arbors have in store for you.