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Apartment Resolutions 2019

Stacked blocks that spell Clear Clutter

With the New Year in full swing, you’re probably well on your way to following through with your resolutions. Setting a personal goal to get in shape, work towards a promotion, or eliminate debt are all excellent ways to improve your well-being. Did you know that making apartment resolutions can help you achieve those goals? People in an around the apartments for rent in Sacramento are shaping up their spaces for the new year. Here’s how you can, too.

1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

There’s a certain magic behind decluttering spaces, so much so that you can even find specific shows about it on Netflix. People tend to collect things they no longer use or simply don’t need without even knowing it, causing their spaces to become cluttered and ultimately creating a negative impact on their life.

Decluttering your rooms is the perfect way to set yourself up for success this year. It not only tidies up your apartment, but it also acts as a form of meditation while cleansing your mind. Plus, less clutter creates a less stressful environment.

The easiest place to start is often the closet. Look at each individual article of clothing and decide whether you really need it or not. When was the last time you wore it? How often have you worn it? Do you really even like it, or did you just buy it because it was one sale?

From there, do the same thing with items in your kitchen drawers, cabinets, bookshelves and more. You might be surprised to find how many things you’re willing to part with. If you’re having a hard time getting rid of anything, start with something simple like old magazines.

2. A New Feng Shui

The New Year is all about change. Why? Change is a positive force in everyone’s lives. The same can be said for your apartment. Simply moving your furniture around can create the feeling of a fresh, new living space. Rearranging your “feng shui” can give you a new outlook on life while opening you up for the changes ahead.

Try to maximize open space when moving your furniture and decorations. The less cramped an apartment feels, the happier most residents are. If you find that you’re not crazy about the new setup after a week, the best part is that you can always change it back.

3. Tie Up Loose Ends

People across the globe look back on the previous year and wish they would have accomplished A, B, and C that they set out to do. If that sounds familiar, then you can start tying up those loose ends by completing an unfinished home improvement project.

Maybe you’ve been meaning to frame and hang a picture, reupholster a chair, or get around to repainting your bedroom. Whatever the project is, take the time to do it. Finishing this task can give you a sense of accomplishment and a boost of self-confidence, both of which you’ll need to tackle those New Year’s resolutions.

4. Deep Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t here yet, but your apartment could probably use a little T.L.C. after the holidays. Bust out the Windex (or a comparable natural cleaner) and give everything a good scrub. Wash the walls, get in stubborn cracks with an old toothbrush, and hit the areas in your home that never see the light of day with the vacuum. Alternatively, you could always pay someone to do it.

5. Go Through the Paper Pile

Most people have one, a pile of mail and random papers ranging from the ever important to three-month-old coupons. No one knows why they continue to pile up or what that pile is really doing there, but it can often linger around the house like a storm cloud.

Now is the time to tackle this mess by sorting through every single piece of paper. It helps to make three sperate piles while doing so. Create one for important papers like business documents, one for junk, and a third for anything you need to respond to.

6. Make A Statement

Statement pieces are excellent additions to any room. They add a pop of color, offering a breath of fresh air and dimensionality to your space. Best of all, they can be anything. You could choose and art deco table, a colorful couch, or a piece of artwork. Find something you love and add it to your home for a little rejuvenation.

7. Cleaning Out the Fridge

It’s no one’s favorite task, but it has to be done. Getting rid of expired food from both your fridge and pantry will help you see what options you have to choose from and tell if you need to take trip to the grocery store. This is a vital step if your New Year’s resolutions include healthy dieting.

8. Make Your Bed

Some people are hardwired to make their bed every morning, while others couldn’t care less. It might seem like an annoying task, but getting in the habit of making your bed falls under the art of discipline. Starting your day with this ritual can help you create a healthy, proactive routine that makes managing resolutions easier.

9. Do the Dishes

If you really want to liven up your space and work towards better habits, then start doing the dishes as soon as you dirty them. Leaving food-stained dishes in the sink won’t hurt you, but it can tack on to the lethargy that leads many individuals to put off their resolutions until “tomorrow.” Make it a habit, and you might find that other aspects of your planned regimen fall into line.

10. Automation

Do you have any bills that stress you out? Maybe you find yourself forgetting something small in that pile of papers on the table, or you might have an annual bill that creeps up on you each year. Whatever the case may be, you can easily eliminate that stress by setting up automatic payments.

It only takes a few minutes, and you might even receive a slight discount for doing so. Each bill you set up on auto pay is one less thing you have to think about. What’s better than that?

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