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All About Roseville, CA

colorful bouquets of flowers for sale at Denios Farmers Market in Roseville, CA

Where is Roseville, CA?

Roseville, CA, is located in Placer County, in the northern part of the state. It lies approximately 18 miles northeast of Sacramento, the state capital, and just 8 miles from rental homes at The Arbors in Antelope.

What is Roseville known for?

Roseville is known for its rich railroad history and as a major hub for retail and shopping, boasting one of the largest malls in Northern California, the Westfield Galleria. The city also offers a variety of recreational opportunities with numerous parks, trails, and golf courses, making it a vibrant community for residents and visitors alike.

What is the town's history?

Roseville's significant development began with the arrival of the railroad. In 1864, the Central Pacific Railroad, part of the first transcontinental railroad, laid tracks through the area. This development transformed Roseville into an important transportation hub. The town was originally known as "Griders" but was soon renamed "Junction" because of its role as a junction point for various rail lines. In 1906, the Southern Pacific Railroad moved its terminal operations from Rocklin to Roseville, prompting further growth and solidifying the town’s importance in the railroad industry.

Roseville was officially incorporated as a city on April 10, 1909. The early 20th century saw continued growth and modernization, and by the mid-20th century, Roseville had developed a diverse economy that included agriculture, manufacturing, and retail.

Like many American cities, Roseville experienced a post-ware population boom and suburban expansion. New residential neighborhoods were developed and the city’s infrastructure was expanded.

What is Roseville Like Today?
In recent decades, Roseville has transformed into a major retail and commercial center. The opening of the Westfield Galleria at Roseville in 2000, one of the largest shopping malls in Northern California, marked a new era of economic development. The Fountains at Roseville, an upscale outdoor shopping and entertainment complex opened in 2008, cemented the city's appeal as a regional shopping destination.

Today, Roseville continues to thrive with a diverse economy that includes technology, healthcare, and education. The city is home to several major employers, including Hewlett-Packard, Kaiser Permanente, and the Sutter Roseville Medical Center. Its excellent schools, extensive park system, and vibrant community life make it a great place to work or live.

What are some popular landmarks and things to do?

  • The Carnegie Museum - Housed in a beautifully preserved Carnegie Library building, the museum serves as a cultural hub for the community, preserving and celebrating Roseville's past. Affiliated with the Roseville Historical Society, it offers exhibits and educational programs showcasing the city's rich heritage, including its railroad and early settler history.

  • Denio's Roseville Farmers Market & Swap Meet - This excellent local market has been offering a wide variety of fresh produce, flowers, unique goods, live music, and delicious food since 1947 - as well as great bargains to be found in at frequent actions and bazaars it hosts.

  • Maidu Regional Park - This expansive park includes sports courts, a community center, playgrounds, and the Maidu Museum & Historic Site, which provides insight into the indigenous Maidu people who originally inhabited the area.

  • Miners Ravine Trail Loop & Nature Preserve - Ideal for hikers and cyclists, this scenic trail offers picturesque views of the local landscape, with opportunities for wildlife viewing and enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Roseville Utility Exploration Center - An interactive learning center focused on sustainability and environmental conservation, offering educational exhibits and programs for all ages.

  • Roseville Telephone Museum - Showcasing a fascinating collection of antique telephones and memorabilia, this museum provides a unique look at the history of telecommunications.

  • Golfland Sunsplash - A family-friendly amusement park featuring water slides, mini-golf, arcade games, and more, perfect for a fun day out with the kids.

  • Last but not least, Roseville is known for being a shopping mecca with two of the best-known malls in Northern California - the Westfield Galleria and the [Fountains at Roseville]://

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