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2019 Sacramento County Fair

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County Fairs are, more often than not, a surefire place to have a great time. For those of you who call the apartments for rent in Sacramento home, the 2019 installment of the Sacramento County Fair will be the place to be come May 23rd, as it highlights “products like agriculture product, energy equipment, animal health products, birds food, chemicals, dairy equipment and much more.” We wouldn’t let you go to a fun local festival half-cocked, though, so today, we’re going to be laying out the details and giving you the lowdown on what to expect.

A Primer on the County Fair

As something that takes place every year, it’s easy to forget the origins of an event like the Sacramento County Fair. This particular celebration has a long and storied history, though, one that dates back to 1937, when the Fair was first established. At this time, it was held in the City of Galt, and would remain there, at what we now know as the Galt Flea Market and Park, until 1954.

In the mid-1950s, however, the County Fair organizers decided it was time for a change, and moved locations, to the State Fairgrounds on Stockton Boulevard. The Fair location would change again in 1969, this time to the Cal Expo facility, where it is still held to this day.

In addition to the several location changes, another big evolution for the Sacramento County Fair has been what it offers to the public. At the outset, it was little more than a livestock and tradeshow, but in 1988, they made the decision to “sweeten the pot,” so to speak, for attendees, adding a paid admission gate, along with a carnival, entertainment, food and commercial vendors, and a variety of expanded programs.

Now, in the present day, the Sacramento County Fair is an exemplar of “education through entertainment.” There are a great many events that take place during the Fair’s duration, and most impart some kind of knowledge upon their participants. This year will be similar (a decidedly positive thing), so let’s dive into what some of those events are.

General Info for This Year’s Fair

This year’s fair will be taking place over several days in late May:

  • May 23rd - 24th, Thursday and Friday 10 AM — 10 PM
  • May 25th - 26th, Saturday and Sunday 10 AM — 10 PM
  • May 27th, Monday, US Army Memorial Day 10 AM — 7 PM

Tickets are $7.00 if purchased in advance, and $8.00 if purchased onsite. Children under 12 can enter for free. There’s a fee to park if you’re traveling by car ($10.00), but there’s also limited bike parking as well, which comes at no charge.

Events at the 2019 Sacramento County Fair

This year’s County Fair, with its theme of “celebrating the Red, White, and Blue,” will be a locus of activity and home to plenty to see and do. Perhaps most notable on the lineup, though, are a pair of events taking place Friday, May 24th and Saturday, May 25th — the Monster Truck Tour and the Night of Bull Riding (w/special guest, Rockin’ Robbie Hodges).

The Monster Truck Tour, as you might well suspect, will pit a plethora of oversized and overwheeled vehicles against one another as the battle to see who can cause the most destruction with the most crowd-pleasing flair. Among this year’s participants are trucks like Vandetta, Cyclops, Rat Attack, and Kamikaze. If big trucks aren’t your thing, however, you might be more amenable to the Bull Riding show?

There will be about 30 bull riders out on that Saturday evening, but perhaps most thrilling about this night will be an appearance by John Payne, nicknamed “The One Armed Bandit.” True his namesake, he indeed has only one arm, the result of an accidental electrocution. This hasn’t deterred his determination for riding, however, nor has it diminished his skills. His talents are some of the most sought after to date, and this performer is legendary for putting on a great show.

The Night of Bull Riding will also feature Rockin’ Robbie Hodges, one of the most famed barrelmen and rodeo clowns in the business. He’s built a brand off of his “quick wit and loveable personality,” using both in equal measure to create a rodeo experience (the likes of which is unrivaled) that’s an instant favorite among the crowds.

In addition to these riveting events, the Sacramento County Fair will also feature various performers and entertainment over its duration. Musical acts include the likes of Keep On Truckin’, Eric Young, Viva Santana, and those famed street performers, The Procrastinators. There will also be pony rides, camel rides, a stunt dog show, pig racing, magic tricks, and more for you to enjoy while your at the Fair. And for an additional touch of family-friendly fun, you can always check out the carnival:

“Midway of Fun is a family owned and operated carnival business which has served the California Fair industry since 1991. Year after year Midway of Fun brings the latest rides and games for the entire family to enjoy during the Sacramento County Fair.”

Those rides should keep the kids plenty entertained, but you won’t have to let the fun stop there. The Fair is also home to a wealth of competitions, including various livestock exhibitions, creative exhibitions, a kid’s talent show, and even a corn dog eating contest.

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